Agnostic Front - Dead Yuppies CD (2021RP, superjewelbox, lim 500)

Rebellion Records 2021

With the 2021 repress tracks like “I Wanna Know”, “Liberty”, “Uncle Sam”, “Love To Be Hated” and title-track “Dead Yuppies” are about to be rediscovered by both a whole new crowd and AGNOSTIC FRONT fans worldwide! This is New York Hardcore. These are the pioneers. This is AGNOSTIC FRONT! Packed in a solid super jewel box for extra durability
Officially licensed from Epitaph, courtesy of Agnostic Front

500x CD
super jewel box, 8 page booklet

1 I Wanna Know
2 Out Of Reach
3 Critic
4 Liberty
5 Club Girl
6 Uncle Sam
7 Urban Decadence
8 Love To Be Hated
9 No Mercy
10 Politician
11 Pedophile
12 Alright
13 Dead Yuppies
14 Standing On My Own
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