Alliance - s/t 7" EP OVERPRESSED COPIES (last 17 copies, name instead of number)

BLACK VINYL, factory overpressed 17 copies. These come with the original folder sleeve but not numbered. We will write your name in the number box

Pressing info:
200x black
100x clear
15x testpressing (colour is factory's choice)

Canada has always been a good breeding ground for Oi! and punk bands, with Rebellion Records very own Bishops Green as the perfect example. But there is more brewing in the Canadian underground and we’re proud to present the latest outburst out of this scene: ALLIANCE!

On ALLIANCE’s self-titled debut EP the band presents three, brickwall Oi!, tracks of which the A-side consists of two originals and the B-side is a cover of UK’s mighty Retaliator! Hard and vicious punk music for the chosen few with just 300 copies pressed!

Side A
01. Pride
02. Wrong Crowd

Side B
01. Sarah

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