Assault & Battery - All the shades of truth LP (lim 500, 3 clrs)

Little over a year after their smashing split 10" with Atlanta's DDC (Rebellion Records / American Oi! Records), Midwest's wrecking crew ASSAULT & BATTERY are back with "ALL THE SHADES OF TRUTH", their debut full-length for Rebellion Records and Oi! The Boat Records!

Coming in to 'fight and win', ASSAULT & BATTERY deliver a whirlwinding mix of up-tempo punk wreckage and massive, tried and true sing-alongs, bound to leave nothing but destruction behind! "ALL THE SHADES OF TRUTH" is an adrenaline-ride, with a total of 13 anthems that hit you in a fast pace little under 30 minutes, that knock you out after a single spin!

"ALL THE SHADES OF TRUTH" comes out on LP through Rebellion Records and Oi! The Boat Records, the CD-version comes out through Rebellion Records.

100x black
200x ultra clear (rebellion clr)
200x cyan blue (Oi! the boat clr)
100x black
17x testpressing

1. Cutthroats
2. Shades Of Truth
3. Fight & Win
4. Drug War
5. 1944
6. Searching For The Answer
7. Three On The Floor
8. One Thing Left
9. No Difference
10. Set 'Em Straight
11. Bay View Tragedy
12. No Hope
13. Stories From The Past

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