Assault & Battery / DDC - Assualt & Destroy - split 10" (lim 500, 3 clrs)

DDC (Drink & Destroy Crew) and Assault & Battery are two exciting new Oi! / streetrock bands from the USA that are teaming up on a joint campaign of rampage and destruction on their upcoming split 10” “Assault & Destroy” for Rebellion Records, in co-operation with American Oi! Records!

DDC from Atlanta kicks it off on this record, with three brand new tracks and a cover of the classic Fatskins song “Needin’ A Dentist” featuring Mike Oxley himself. Don’t let the melodic Oi! driven by catchy streetrock ‘n’ roll influences fool you, these guys pack every single song with a power punch and they definitely live up to their name!

Something that can be said about Assault & Battery as well, after their great split 7” with CONCRETE this Midwest mob of punks and skins are back for more with four brand new assaults that will batter you up! Though Assault & Battery’s sound is a bit rawer than the sound of their buddies on the “Destroy-side” but still as catchy, having you sing-along in no-time!

Pressing info:
300x black
100x clear
100x gold
17x testpressing

01. Bush League
02. Needin’ A Dentist
03. Fight Like Hell
04. Bitter End
01. Truth, Liberty & Justice
02. My Life
03. Still Pissed
04. Cold Weather

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