B Squadron - Everything You Hate CD

It was only 2015 when Leicester’s own B SQUADRON debuted with their four-track EP “Saturdays Soldiers”, but still - it quickly gained the band a cult status throughout the UK and beyond. And for good reasons, the music was raw, uncompromising, violent and a real tribute to the British sound of the 80’s, only to be confirmed with their follow up release and first full-length album in 2017.

Now the Leicester cities’ soldiers B-Squadron are back! Four years after their earth-shattering, full-length debut - “Sons Of Tigers” - the voice of the Baby Squad returns. Providing thirteen blistering, all-new tracks of everything we love at Rebellion Records with the CD “Everything You Hate”!

In the footsteps of “Sons Of Tigers”, B-Squadron delivers you the sound of the early 80’s all the way in 2021! This is no gimmick and sure as hell these guys don’t pose. B Squadron brings a sincere homage to the bands these lads grew up on such as 4-Skins and Combat 84, making it no surprise that B-Squadron sounds just as mean, vile and genuine as their counterparts of 40 years ago!

Prepare yourself for some real and in your face working class British Oi! B-Squadron will be everything you will love on “Everything You Hate”!

1000x CD
8 page booklet

01. Rebels Without A Clue
02. I Am War
03. 1982
04. Small Circles
05. Raising Cain
06. 6/6/44
08. Pals
09. Homegrown Hate
10. Do You Know Stanley?
11. Unfriend
12. Everything You Hate
13. Aggro
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