B Squadron - Everything You Hate LP (lim 1000, 3 clrs)

It was only 2015 when Leicester’s own B SQUADRON debuted with their four-track EP “Saturdays Soldiers”, but still - it quickly gained the band a cult status throughout the UK and beyond. And for good reasons, the music was raw, uncompromising, violent and a real tribute to the British sound of the 80’s, only to be confirmed with their follow up release and first full-length album in 2017.

Now the Leicester cities’ soldiers B-Squadron are back! Four years after their earth-shattering, full-length debut - “Sons Of Tigers” - the voice of the Baby Squad returns. Providing thirteen blistering, all-new tracks of everything we love at Rebellion Records with the LP “Everything You Hate”!

In the footsteps of “Sons Of Tigers”, B-Squadron delivers you the sound of the early 80’s all the way in 2021! This is no gimmick and sure as hell these guys don’t pose. B Squadron brings a sincere homage to the bands these lads grew up on such as 4-Skins and Combat 84, making it no surprise that B-Squadron sounds just as mean, vile and genuine as their counterparts of 40 years ago!

Prepare yourself for some real and in your face working class British Oi! B-Squadron will be everything you will love on “Everything You Hate”!

600x clear with white and blue splatter
300x black
100x ultra clear
20x testpressing
double sided insert
gloss uv varnish
black flood inside
350gsm jacket

A1. Rebels Without A Clue
A2. I Am War
A3. 1982
A4. Small Circles
A5. Raising Cain
A6. 6/6/44
B1. Pals
B2. Homegrown Hate
B3. Do You Know Stanley?
B4. Unfriend
B5. Everything You Hate
B6. Aggro
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