B Squadron - Sons of tigers + Bonus CD (2019RP, lim 500)

It was only 2015 when Leicester’s own B SQUADRON debuted with their four-track EP “Saturdays Soldiers”, but still - it quickly gained the band a cult status throughout the UK and beyond. And for good reasons, the music was raw, uncompromising, violent and a real tribute to the British sound of the 80’s, music for maniacs indeed!

In 2018 the top boys have returned with their first ever full-length album “SONS OF TIGERS”, it was an absolute scorcher from start to finis! With a mix of brand new hooligan anthems, fan-favorites of the “Saturdays Soldiers” EP and covers of bands that inspired the Squadron, “SONS OF TIGERS” was an all-out attack of 13 powerful battle hymns that fans of The 4-Skins, Combat 84 and Cockney Rejects will love! Blinding!
The album sold out in no time, so here is the 2019 repress with completely renewd artwork and 4 bonus tracks from the Saturday’s Soldiers EP.


1 Intro
2 B Squadron
3 Mongoose patrol
4 Keep the cover
5 Scratchcard nation
6 Evil (Original by the 4 skins. By kind permission of Hoxton Tom McCourt)
7 Means of escape
8 Saturdays soldiers
9 This is England
10 Rapist (Original by Combat 84. By kind permission of Deptford John)
11 Working class heroes
12 Day to day (Featuring guest vocals by Timmo of The Glory)
13 Sons of tigers
14 Saturdays soldiers (2015 EP version)
15 Means of escape (2015 EP version)
16 Scratchcard nation (2015 EP version)
17 B Squadron (2015 EP version)
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