Bladecrusher - Death, Revenge, War. 7"EP (lim 300, handnumbered)

BLADECRUSHER is a new epic metal, thrash and hardcore crossover band from Frisia, The Netherlands. Blown away by their powerful, energetic live performance and impressive debut album, BLADECRUSHER left us no choice but to sign them to the COSMIC KEY CREATIONS roster.
We are proud to present you a brandnew, ultra limited 4 track 7” ep. On this ep the band is letting go a little bit of the crossover sound that was ominously present on their debut album “Tempest” and is moving towards a blackened thrash metal sound. This makes the band even sound more exciting to our ears and it’s a promising teaser of the new full-length album the band is currently working on.
For fans of: Slayer, Sacrifice, Toxic Holocaust, At The Gates, Cro-Mags and Power Trip.

300x Black vinyl
Handnumbered jacket

A1 Obey the Reaper
A2 Chronicles of Steel
B1 Justification
B2 Siege of a Thousand Daggers

Stephan Leistra – Lead vocals
Thijs Bangma – Lead Guitar
Maurice Huliselan – Rhythm guitar
Walter Huliselan – Bass guitar & backing vocals
Douwe Booij – Drums

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