Bonecrusher - Followers of a brutal calling LP (RP, lim 500, 2 clrs)

You know what they say, you can’t walk on one leg. So just like our previous Knock-Out Records reissues of Vanilla Muffins and Oxymoron, we also bring you Bonecrusher’s second album on Knock-Out, and third album in general, “Followers Of A Brutal Calling”!

Originally released in the year 2000 (CD version through Outsider Records), this album by Orange County’s wrecking crew is long out of print and highly sought after by the followers of that brutal calling! Remastered for vinyl, Bonecrusher is sounding stronger than ever before! An absolute must-have for fans of American street punk!

Pressing info:
100 x black vinyl
400 x transparent blood red vinyl
12 x testpressing
Including lyric / picture sheet

Side A:
01. Followers Of A Brutal Calling
02. Stay Alive
03. Wrecking Crew
04. Hold On
05. Live To Ride
06. Without Love
07. Dead End Street

Side B:
01. Hate, War & Misery
02. I Can’t Get Ahead
03. Warriors
04. Breakout
05. Sights On Today
06. Without You
07. Won’t Die For You
08. The Struggle

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