Crown Court - Sect Fifty Nine b/w the Scum 7" (lim 500, 2 clrs) LAST ONE

Depending on which version you bought, it has been two to three years since the British top boys of Crown Court released their last EP “Mad In England” and it’s been way too long! Fortunately the lads are about to return with a rousing new slab of wax, exclusively for Rebellion Records!

Causing amok at 45 rotations per minute, the boys deliver you new noise in the form of “Sect Fifty Nine” and “The Scum” - two rip roaring football anthems glorifying both the passion and the violence of the game! Undoubtedly some of their best and most vile work to date, Crown Court keeps on spreading the English disease and no Brexit can stop that! A must!

150x black vinyl
350x highlighter yellow vinyl

Side A:
01. Sect Fifty Nine
Side B:
02. The Scum
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