City Miles - Social Upheaval LP (lim 500, 2 clrs)

With bands like Last Crusade, B-Squadron, Hard Wax and Crown Court, REBELLION RECORDS delivered you some of the best Britain has had to offer over the past few years! To this list we can now add CITY MILES, an all-new formation featuring members of…

Ah, I am sorry – I promised them we wouldn’t tell! Then again, does it matter? The music speaks for itself and everyone who has heard CITY MILES’ contribution “Away Day” to the sixth volume of the “OI! AIN’T DEAD”-series, has heard these lads are capable of writing a proper earwurm. And you know what? Debut full-length “SOCIAL UPHEAVAL” features twelve more of them!

In nearly 30 minutes, these lads crank out a dozen of powerful, catchy sing-alongs you simply can’t get enough of! Besides “OI! AIN’T DEAD 6”-favorite “Away Day” (though in a slightly different version), “SOCIAL UPHEAVAL” features plenty of more, soon-to-be-favorites, such as the fierce opener “No Guts”, melodic anthems like “Criminals”, “Empty Vessels”, “Long In The Tooth” and “Enemy”, and YouTube ‘hits’ such as “Thirty Degrees” and “Skinhead ‘Till The End”.

All killer, no filler – CITY MILES delivers some top class British Oi!-punk on their first ever release! Fans of THE BUSINESS, BLITZ, COCK SPARRER and RED ALERT – take note!

Comes with uncoated reverse-side printed jacket and thick eco paper insert

A1 No Guts
A2 Away Day
A3 Choose Your Glory
A4 Criminals
A5 Empty Vessels
A6 Toe Punt
B1 Long In The Tooth
B2 Every Road
B3 Dan Damage
B4 Enemy
B5 Thirty Degrees
B6 Skinhead ‘Till The End

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