Clockwork Crew, The - What about us / ...Pa Svenska CD (lim 250) (overpressed stock, not numbered)

What About Us (2000)

1. Saturday night
2. You’re no better
3. Where are they now
4. Money and freedom
5. Four years
6. Made in society
7. I’m so bored
8. Little U.S. of A.
9. Hersham heroes
10. You know nothing
11. What about us
12. Everybody’s right / Everybody’s wrong

På Svenska (2003)

13. Trygga slem
14. Du är så trög
15. Kärringen ovanpå
16. Smack, smack
17. Pappas pojkar
18. Sprängd
19. Sno från dom rika

Bonus Tracks

20. Sug min kuk
21. Nowhere to go
22. Middleclass entertainment
23. Death of an official
24. Militant vegan
25. Dirty Harry
26. Cretin hop

Rebellion Records is proud to introduce the ultra limited Oi! collectable digipack series. The releases are strictly limited to 200, 250 or 300 handnumbered copies packed in a thick 6 panel digipack including stickered sealbag. The releases from this serie have a seperate catalogue number apart from the normal rebellion releases. What makes em even more collectable is the fact that the sidebars of the releases put together, will form the clockwork guy rebellion logo

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