Concrete Elite / Ultra Razzia - Split 12" + poster (lim 500, 2 clrs) PRE-ORDER 23/02

Concrete Elite from Texas is a household name on Rebellion Records since 2014, a brutal alliance of loyalty and trust and ready for another chapter! The band is planning to come back for a European tour in the summer of 2024 and to warm things up we release 3 brandnew songs on a glorious split 12”.
The 3 songs by Concrete Elite are derived from the 2022 recording session for their split 7” with Faction-S (fr). They bring relentless power and lyrics about loss, hardship, violence and victory. The band is on top of their game and both their experiences in daily life and on stage have shaped the band into this unique hardcore/Oi! monster they are today.

New on Rebellion Records but certainly not new to the scene are Ultra Razzia. The band is hailing from Montreal (ca) and has been formed by members of The Prowlers. The band is active since 2017 and has released 2 full-length albums and a bunch of cool split releases. Most of the band’s releases were done in europe by our friends from Primator Crew (fr) and we are happy to have them on Rebellion with these 4 amazing tracks.
The band plays a classic style of vintage Oi! with hard driving beats, a raw sound and vocal lines that are both powerful and catchy. The 3 new songs and a Blitz cover with French lyrics are the perfect match for CE on this bonecrushing split release!
The artwork was done by Grimblack and put together by Ramon Girones. It’s released as a co-production with Warthog Speak Records who spreads the record in the USA and CANADA. Only 200 copies available for Europe!

250x Black
250x Ultra Clear
High gloss finish, black flood inside and upgraded jacket stock.
Comes with a double sided A3 sized poster

Side A: Concrete Elite
A1 Cages
A2 World Of Violence
A3 Victory At Any Cost

Side B: Ultra Razzia
B1 De Sang-Froid
B2 Le Séjours Des Morts
B3 Le Mirage
B4 Rasoirs Dans La Nuit
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