Concrete - We're all subculture street troopers LP (lim 300, eu tour ed)

Rebellion Records 2016

Pressing info:
300x black
including lyric sheet

1. Something Out Of Nothing
2. We Are All Reapers Here
3. Gallows
4. Lionheart
5. The Power
6. Subculture Street Trooper
7. Born To Never Lose

Last year one band stood out of the rest, it was Concrete with their debut 12" maxi EP "We Are All Reapers Here" released on limited vinyl by Cadre Productions. When the word was out that the band was looking for a label to release their new 7" EP "Subculture Street Trooper" we didn't think twice and made a deal on the spot.

The "We Are All Subculture Street Troopers" LP contains the sold out debut 12" plus the new 7" with a total of seven skullcrushing tracks and alternative artwork which is a spin-off from the original "We Are All Reapers Here" artwork!

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