Crown Court - Capital offence LP (2020RP, lim 500, splatter, heavy & glossy jacket)

The English disease is slowly spreading all across the globe, again, and we are proud to deliver you the European version of this modern day classic! CROWN COURT’s top boys really outdid themselves on these thirteen, all new, stormers, that mixes British cult with a modern twist, making them loved by troublemakers all over the world!

If you like it rowdy and riotous, these hard hitting Londoners produced the perfect soundtrack for you with “CAPITAL OFFENCE”!

500x clear with silver and black splatter
350 gsm heavy and glossy jacket, 250 gsm heavy insert

Side 1
01. Sammy Skyves
02. Media Blackout
03. What Are You Going To Do?
04. Hated But Rated
05. 22
06. Brotherhood Of The Banned
07. Thames Sake

Side 2
01. Breakout
02. Disco Skins
03. Attack
04. Park Lane Boys
05. The Province
06. Shapes Of The Day
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