Crown Court - Trouble From London CD (2023, lim 500, 16 tracks, super jewel box)

Everything the band has recorded apart from the 2 full-length records from 2014 to 2023 on 1 disc. 16 tracks taken from their demo, singles, eps and split release including a previously unreleased track that was recorded in the 2015 THE ENGLISH DISEASE session. 16 page booklet with tons of pictures and the lyrics.
Crown Court is going places and taking the scene by storm, don't miss out!

500x CD
Super Jewel Box, 16 page booklet

2 Hammer A Nail
4 3 Stretch
5 Style Identified
6 Away (Gilpin Rock)
7 No Paradise
8 Jack Jones
9 We Made You
10 Redeal
11 On The GGs
12 Mad In England
13 Fight Or Fall
14 Sect Fifty Nine
15 The Scum
16 Rich Boy
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