Day Drinker / The Gundown - split 12" MLP (lim 500, 2 clrs)

Hailing from Catalonia, members of The Gundown were – or still are – active in brilliant bands like Vöndanikens, Serpent and of course Crim. After a few years of radio silence, this evenly great trio returned two years ago with the killer full-length “Dead End Allyway” and now, celebrating the band’s 15th anniversary, The Gundown makes its first appearance on Rebellion Records with three brand new tracks! Fans of the Catalans will instantly fall in love with “Diamond Chains”, “New Direction” and “You’re Just Lonely” - we know we did!

Day Drinker from The Netherlands (and Belgium) started out as a solo-project by Ronny Hamersma (The Reapers, Crown Court) many moons ago, but luckily is a full-blown band these days! With this split EP being the first original recordings of the band in it’s current line-up, its blistering and working class punk-rock bangs out of your speakers, while the dual-vocals between Ronny and guitarist Jane (Suicidal Taxi, Malad) truly are the icing on the cake! This undoubtedly makes “A348”, “Blood, Flesh And Bones” and “My Own Worst Enemy” Day Drinker’s best work to date!

A must!

250x black
250x bone
Upgraded jacket stock with reverse board finish
double sided insert

A1: The Gundown: Diamond Chains
A2: The Gundown: New Direction
A3: The Gundown: You’re Just Lonely
B1: A348
B2: Blood, Flesh and Bones
B3: My Own Worst Enemy
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