DDC - Fists of fury and bloody cuts CD (lim 300) D2 serie #032

If you have to ask us what one of our favorite new bands out of the USA is, DDC is the answer you will get! This Arizona band left a mighty impression on the REBELLION RECORDS crew at this year’s Milwaukee Live & Loud Festival after we were already floored by the band’s vinyl releases! It was only a matter of time before we would collect all those songs, and then some, on one handy CD!

“FISTS OF FURY AND BLOODY CUTS” contains all songs previously released on vinyl (the “Fists Of Fury” debut 10”, the split 7” with Antagonizers ATL and the split 10” with Assault & Battery), but with the addition of previously unreleased tracks and cuts! On “FISTS OF FURY AND BLOODY CUTS” DDC delivers 17(!) tracks of premium American Oi! music and just ‘might’ include a bonus track if you have the patience… Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Limited to 300 copies.

01. Fists Of Fury
02. Stride
03. Fuck You
04. Carry On
05. I Don’t Care
06. Billy’s Anthem
07. Whiskey Dick
08. Victory
09. Hated
10. Bush League
11. Needin’ A Dentist
12. Fight Like Hell
13. The Bitter End
14. Victory
15. Hate
16. Drink & Destroy
17. St. Mary

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