Diamond Dogs - Eye Of The Storm CD (lim 500, 4 bonus tracks)

DIAMOND DOGS are back! Straight after the release of their massive self-titled debut EP for REBELLION RECORDS, these Dutch crusaders went right back into the studio to record their most impressive and vile work to date! These recordings shaped into the band’s latest release for Rebellion – the “EYE OF THE STORM” LP, which is up for pre-order now!

Outdoing their debut in every way possible, the DIAMOND DOGS take no prisoners and deliver a no holds barred, ultra barbaric LP with its eight tracks forged in fire and its breathtaking artwork! If you’re into the likes of BATTLE RUINS, SHIPWRECKED, BERZERKER BOYZ and of course LIVE BY THE SWORD, “EYE OF THE STORM” will be an absolute must and undoubtedly one of your favorite releases of 2022! So armor up, raise your sword and get ready for war with DIAMOND DOGS’ “EYE OF THE STORM”!

The CD version of “EYE OF THE STORM” includes the four tracks from DIAMOND DOGS’ debut EP as a bonus!

500x CD

01. Eye Of The Storm
02. Gatekeeper
03. Crusher Of Soulds
04. Neon Nights
05. End In Sight
06. Break Out
07. Where Flowers Used To Grow
08. One Track Mind
09. The Executioner
10. Fortress Of Hate
11. Raw visions
12. Ship Of Fools
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