Discharger - Until we die CD (2nd press, lim 500)

Sometimes they come back... and with the return of DISCHARGER we are particually happy! We at Rebellion Records had the honors to release Discharger’s debut (“Born Immortal”) and sophomore (“Our Hate Is Justified”) album in respectively 2004 and 2006, but after several releases on various German labels the eagle has landed back ‘home’ for the band’s upcoming full-length album “UNTIL WE DIE”!

Despite that Discharger has returned to their roots, label-wise, the music of Tim Steinfort and company is still evolving by the year! From boisterous sing-alongs to rock and heavy metal infused hard-hitters, Discharger’s Oi! sound is definitely one of a kind and the strength and diversity of “Until We Die” once again proves that the ‘intoxicated soldiers’ from Amersfoort, The Netherlands are still on top of their game and simply one of the better European Oi! bands around!

With a heart of gold, a working man’s pride, a street smart attitude and a confronting honesty, Discharger roars through thirteen brand new tracks that will leave you hungry for more! Providing the best of various genres, including some surprising traditional instruments(!), the powerhouse that is called Discharger still marches on!

1st press:
1000x CD

2nd press (this one)
500x CD

01. From The Ashes
02. Equally Useless
03. Still Angry
04. Heroes
05. Us Against The Rest
06. Forever On Your Side
07. Until We Die
08. Don’t Know Where We’re Going
09. A New Dawn Breaks
10. There Will Be Blood
11. Lion’s Heart
12. Intoxicated Soldiers
13. Provide To Be Exploited

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