Fatskins / Fear City - Split 7" EP (lim 500, 3 clrs)

Do the FATSKINS need any further introduction? This Arizona cult-outfit already made furor in the 90’s and ever since their return to the scene in 2013 they have become better, harder and more angry with ever release! Their 2015 EP’s “Viva!” and their split EP with Old Glory were already modern day classics of pure American Oi! music and on this raucous 7” the glory carries on with “S.F.F.S.” and “War Of A Nation”, two pounding hits that will leave you behind begging for more!

On the flipside you will find Chicago destructors FEAR CITY! Although their back-catalog isn’t as extensive as Fatskins’ discography, these South Side hooligans know how to deliver a true skinhead anthem with “Our Way Of Life”, while “Class War” is a fast-paced stomper that will K.O. you in 1 minute and 43 seconds! If it’s up to us their discography should extend as soon as possible if they continue to produce tracks like these two!

FATSKINS / FEAR CITY – Split EP is a co-release between Rebellion Records (EU) and Crowd Control Media (USA).

100x ultra clear vinyl
200x red vinyl
200x black vinyl
30x testpressing
inckuding doublesides pic/lyric sheet

Side A
01. Fatskins – S.F.F.S.
02. Fatskins – War Of A Nation

Side B
01. Fear City – Our Way Of Life
02. Fear City – Class War
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