Fuerza Bruta - Verdugo CD (Incl 12 bonus tracks! lim 500, super jewel box)

Previously only released on vinyl (European version by yours truly) and cassette, FUERZA BRUTA’s smashing debut “VERDUGO” is finally released on CD with no less than twelve (12!) bonus-tracks!

Clocking over 47 minutes, this CD is filled with hard-hitting, brickwall Spanish Oi! from the windy streets of Chicago and includes the “Verdugo” 12”, the smashing follow-up EP “Somes El Mal”, the incredibly limited (and odd) “All Cops Are Bassheads” 7” and mucho more - such as the unreleased “Desemprego”!

A must for those who couldn’t own a physical release of Fuerza Bruta before (due to the lack of having a turntable or cassette-deck), those who missed out and fans alike! 500 copies made all coming in a super jewel box for extra durability - because you’ll be pulling this ten ton hammer out a lot!

01. Asocial
02. Hijos De La Calle
03. Nueva Generación
04. Un Tres Un Dos
05. Nación Dividida
06. Verdugo
07. Cerdos Fascistas
08. Lavor
09. Xibalba
10. Cabeza Podrida
11. Somos El Mal
12. Feos Por Naturaleza
13. Nación Dividida (INTRVRT Remix)
14. Feos Por Nuturaleza (Dark Wave Remix)
15. Asocial (Live In Brasil)
16. Desemprego
17. Verdugo (Alternate Version)
18. Intolerancia (Alternate Mix)
19. Cabeza Podrida (Original Mix)
20. Somos El Mal (Original Mix)
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