Hard Resistance - Euphemism MCD

Euphemisms are used for dissimulation. A euphemism is a generally innocuous word, name, or phrase that replaces an offensive or suggestive one. Governments and social media try to control our minds with these propaganda tactics every single day. They gloss over reality, using danger and fear campaigns- the population gets bombed with an overload of social unrest, poverty and war-talk.

People need a break, there's too much pressure. Pressure from work and the daily life. Bills need to get paid, mouths to be fed. Families live in despair and are captured in the government's spiderweb. No one knows their true fears and stories. Anger management is the new trend- King Prozac rules the world. Exaggeration? Watch the news or read a news paper. See the scandals and the dirt.

HARD RESISTANCE combines the brutality and harshness of oldschool hardcore with a ferocious attack of thrash, punk and crust and set no boundaries in their goal of making extreme music. Lightning fast, aggressive and raw vocals, quick chord changes, hard hitting drums and a topnotch production has been layered upon EUPHEMISM.

EUPHEMISM was recorded, produced and mixed at the Red Left Hand Studio in Stabroek (Antwerp), by Sven Janssens. HARD RESISTANCE delivers their heaviest, darkest and most devastating songs to date and are ready to destroy stages in 2013.

1. Indoctrination
2. Chaotic Worldwide Insanity
3. Suffering In Silence
4. Paranoid Perplexity
5. Phoenix Rising

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