Hardsell - Subculture criminals CD

The subcultural criminals are back! Nearly 14 years(!) after their last effort “Pissed ‘N’ Broke”, powerhouse HARDSELL have returned to the studio to record their brand new, fourth full-length album “SUBCULTURE CRIMINALS” and it’s an absolute scorcher!

Singer Kris has recruited two line-ups, one based in Europe (with members of Discipline and V.O.T.) and one stationed in the US (with members of Sniper 66 and the Beltones). This allows the band to do live shows easily on both continents.

Despite that “SUBCULTURE CRIMINALS” is recorded in the band’s new, American line-up, the sound on the album is still HARDSELL through and through! Hard hitting, brickwall Oi! with powerful melodies and massive choruses, making every single track on the album a proud and boisterous anthem! An absolute no-brainer if you like your music catchy, yet tough as nails!


01. Toe The Line
02. Subculture Criminals
03. Stuck In A Web
04. Don’t Live For You
05. Suzy Brass-Knuckle
06. Where Are The Heroes
07. Victory
08. Outlawed
09. Freak
10. We Take It Back
11. Coming For You
12. One Of Our Own

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