Janitors, The - Backstreet Ditties LP (2021RP, lim 150, black, USA version)

Of course we had some superb bands like The Headliners, The Skeptics and Teenage Hearts in-between, but let’s face it – we’ve all been waiting on some new THE JANITORS ditties, right? Well, it’s been seven years since the band’s last 10”, so of course we’ve been! Good news then, because despite being very much anticipated, this still pretty much comes out of nowhere and it’s coming at you through REBELLION RECORDS – THE JANITORS’ all new album “BACKSTREET DITTIES”!
With ten tracks total, “BACKSTREET DITTIES” is indeed a full-scale assault that is coming out on both LP and CD! Delivering everything you’d expect of a new THE JANITORS release, this ridiculously good album will quickly turn into your favorite THE JANITORS record in no-time, as well as your favorite release of 2002 – mark my words! It’s raw, it’s melodic and it’s fairly fuckin’ brilliant to say the least! Get it while it’s hot!

The Janitors started in 2003 when 4 friends had a drunk talk after some gig in hometown La Rochelle. They soon recorded their first demo which attracted a lot of attention, especially from seminal French Oi ! fanzine Une Vie Pour Rien ? who were starting a record label. The Janitors’ « Bloody Boredom » 7’’ became one of their first releases.

The band toured extensively all over Europe supporting the releases of their 7’’ and LP « Work », playing Praha, Vienna or Budapest twice.
Their next release, an 8-track 10’’ which came out in 2013, showed the guys moving to a slightly different sound, more clearly influenced by late ‘70s Punk and early Oi !. This record brought them back to Germany and Spain where they made quite an impression every time they played.
Though they’re not the most prolific band ever, The Janitors have never stopped playing over the years, and always with the same line-up. They’ve shared stages with bands such as Oi ! legends Cockney Rejects, Last Resort, Oppressed, Nabat, Templars, Evil Conduct or The Clichés with whom they did a split 7’’, Punk vets Menace, The Kids, Braindance or psychobilly kings like Demented Are Go!
Now they’re finally back with a full album, 10 new hot tracks that’ll please old and new fans alike.

Side A:
01. Don’t Wanna Do It
02. Ain’t That Drunk
03. Back Street Ditty
04. Panic Attack
05. You’re A Disease
Side B:
06. No Turning Back
07. I Don’t Give A Fuck About You
08. Fancy Pills
09. Playing With The Matches
10. Hate At First Sight
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