Lazy Class - Better life 7" EP (LAST ONES!)

Number 11 in the limited rebellion Oi! 7" serie
handnumbered to 300 copies, 2 sided fc printed folded sleeve

Pressing info:
200x black
100x purple
7x testpressing black

A1 Better Life
A2 Violent World
B1 He'll Never Return
B3 Kiedys

Band members already had their fair share of experience in punk and hardcore bands (Good Old Days, The Damrockers, B.D.K., Core Ball, Wounded Knee and the Warsaw Dolls)prior to forming their latest outfit Lazy Class. Despite the funny name these guys aren’t lazy at all when it comes down to writing, recording and promoting their highly energetic and melodic brand of streetpunk and Oi! music from Warsaw, Poland’s backstreets!

Lazy Class debut with four tracks on their first 7” “Better Life” of which three are in English and final track “Kiedys” is in their native tongue, Polish. Earlier this year the band released “Better Life” on their own as a promotional CD which led to raving reviews on, Out Of Step Fanzine and Crazy United. Here at Rebellion HQ’s we are sure great reviews will keep piling up because these guys are ‘Top Class’ to us!

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