Live By The Sword - Warriors Of Our Time (Demo 2023) 7" + PATCH (lim 300, handnumbered)

If LIVE BY THE SWORD is a hybrid between metal and Oi! these songs are definately leaning more towards the Oi! side of things. The drums were recorded in the rehearsal room for extra rawness and brutality.
The single serves as a one off teaser for things to come but also stands on it's own as a glorification of the band's early streetrock roots. Artwork (by Ramon Girones), lyrics and sound leave nothing to chance. The Dutch-American brotherhood is back and means business!

"We live and die by the codes
And values of the old ways
The times they are forever changing
We will stand and stay the same
We come from different places
But we are all here today
For we have many faces
Live By The Sword, that's our name!"

A1 Warriors Of Our Time (Demo 2023)
B1 March Or Die (Demo 2023)

Limited to 300 handnumbered copies, reverseboard sleeve, upgraded jacket stock
Comes including an exclusive woven LBTS patch
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