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This is how it works

1. Create an account by clicking on the "my account" link on the upper right of this page or make a quick order as guest 
2. Skip through our pages by category or use the search field to pick the items of your choice
3. After you've placed your order you will get an automatic email (so make sure your email-adress works) with the total price including shipping costs and the bank information. You can also choose the "paypal" option when you check out and pay your order directly with paypal. This is the fastest way. 
4. After we have received your payment your order will be shipped out

note: Customers outside europe and from the UK can only pay by paypal or thru the creditcard option


You can sign up here: for a free paypal account which allows you to pay with your creditcard or bank in a safe , fast and secure way


It is possible to pay with your creditcard: (VISA or MASTERCARD only). We send you a paypal payment request and you can pay with your creditcard without logging in to paypal and even without having a paypal account. 




1x CD = 1 point      
1x 7" = 2 points      
1x T shirt = 2 points      
1x 10", 12" or LP = 5 points      
double LP = 10 points      
Shipping costs HOLLAND      
amount price    
1-2 points 3,50 euro    
3-4 points 4,50 euro    
5 points or more 6,90 euro Registered
Shipping costs Belgium / Germany      
1 point 4 euro Priority mail
2 points 6,50 euro Priority mail
3 points or more 9,90 euro Registered
Shipping costs rest of EUROPE (excluding Russia)      
1 point 4 euro Priority mail
2 points 6,50 euro Priority mail
3-25 points  9,90 euro Priority mail
26 or more points 17,50 euro Registered
Shipping costs USA / CANADA / AUSTRALIA      
1 point 4 euro Priority mail
2 points 6,50 euro Priority mail
3-4 points 8,90 euro Priority mail
5-25 points 13,90 euro Priority mail
26 points or more 24,90 euro Registered  
Shipping costs REST OF THE WORLD      
1-4 points 16,50 euro Registered
5-25 points 24,90 euro Registered
26-50 points 29,90 euro Registered
51 points or more 34,90 euro Registered


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