Oxymoron - The pack is back LP (Lim 500, 3 clrs)

Considered as one of the best German streetpunk bands... ever(!), we are extremely stoked to add the almighty OXYMORON to our reissue-roster! Originally released in 1997, “The Pack Is Back” still holds its ground nearly twenty-years later and is full of powerful, ultra-melodic streetpunk anthems for the bored and violent! If you missed out before, now is the time to pick up this modern day classic!

200x black
200x bloodred
100x ultra clear
15x testpressing

Side A
01. Get A Gun
02. Down The Drain
03. Razor’s Blade
04. You’r A Bore (You Whore)
05. We Rule O.K.
06. Bleed
07. Concrete Jungle

Side B
08. Kamikaze
09. Obscene Army
10. The Pigs
11. Crazy World
12. Scream & Shout
13. Insane

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