Razorblade - My Name Is Vengeance LP (3 clrs, lim 500)

150x Black
250x Gold with silver swirl
100x Gold with heavy black splatter
20x testpressings in a suprise colour

Comes with deluxe PMS gold printing on the artwork. Including full colour innersleeve

1) Intro
2) My Name Is Vengeance
3) Warriors
4) Feel The Rage
5) Sniffing Glue
6) Daily Grind
7) The Battle of Vught
8) Under Siege
9) Who Are You
10)Never Fade Away

Razorblade is back with their 7th (!) full-length album taking it back to the roots with an explosive, mean and brutal sound. This is by far the hardest, meanest and most vicious record Razorblade ever released. History themed songs about the bygone battles around the city of Den Bosch combined with subcultural topics. Razorblade is not safe. Nothing even close to radio friendly. It is pure and true. True to Oi! and the anti social attitude of the subculture. True to the "fuck you" attitude and true to what ever Razorblade wants to do.

exclusive pre-review Europe: http://m67204.wix.com/american-oi#!razorblade---my-name-is-vengeance/crt1

exclusive pre-review USA: http://oiofamerica.blogspot.nl/2014/03/razorblade-my-name-is-vengeance.html

exclusive "new album" interview: http://m67204.wix.com/american-oi#!razorblade-interview/c6lu

Official video for "Feel The Rage"

Official video for "Warriors"

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