Savage Beat - New World 12" (lim 600, 3 versions, screenprint, dld card) BLUE

With five fresh tracks – including the previously released, yet re-recorded anthem “Trapped” - “NEW WORLD” is yet another milestone in SAVAGE BEAT’s still short but turbulent career, continuing their quest for world dominance – even in this new world – with yet again their best work to date! More refined in sound and songwriting but yet hard rocking like never before.
An absolute must in any way possible!

600 copies total
150x black vinyl, red screenprint
150x black vinyl, silver screenprint
300x black vinyl, blue screenprint
Comes with upgraded jacket stock, black flood inside, download coupon and double sided insert

Side A:
01. New World
02. League Of Fools
03. Killing Time
04. Trapped
05. All Bars In Town
Side B:
Screenprinted B-side

Marko: Vocals
Rogier: Bass
Lionn: Drums
Steven: Guitars
Jim: Guitars on track 1,2,4
Paul: Guitars on track 3,5
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