Sheer Terror - Pall in the family + 4 bonus tracks CD (lim 1000, super jewel box)

The bulldogs of New York Hardcore are back! Four years after their last full-length album – “Standing Up For Falling Down” – and two years after their most recent work, a split single with Lars Frederiksen’s The Old Firm Casuals, the ugly and proud (also known as SHEER TERROR) have returned with four brand new stormers, keeping it “PALL IN THE FAMILY.

Under exclusive license from Reaper Records, who will be releasing this EP stateside, REBELLION RECORDS is proud to unleash the new fury by these hardcore legends in Europe in a super jewelcase CD – the label’s first! Making sure the CD version is beautiful, loud AND extended, this version will include an eight-page booklet and FOUR bonus tracks, previously only available on vinyl!

An undisputed must-have!

1,000 copies, super jewel box

01 The Moon’s Gone Out
02 Bohack’s, Wetsons, Tung-Bo & Me
03 North Shore Love Affair
04 Get Me Off This Rock
Bonus tracks:
05 Heresy On The Monkeybars*
06 Blue Shadows Will Fall*
07 Salome*
08 There’s Always Room At The Pines**

* Originally appeared on the “Spite” EP, Reaper Records, 2011
** Originally appeared on the split 7” with The Old Firm Casuals, Pitchfork Label, 2016
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