Shock Nagasaki - Year of the spy CD

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1968 / I Get High On Low Society / Palisades And Renegades / Deconstruct Decontrol / Classified Information / Curse Of The Lady Be / These Are Our Streets Now / What Have They Done To Me? / Late 4 Life / Hit The Beach / Destination Nowhere / Shock Nagasaki......

Punk Rock 'N' Roll. It ain't dead yet. But lets face it - these days, it's a bit wounded. Safe, by the book and quite frankly boring. If that's what yer lookin' for, ya came to the wrong place. Shock Nagasaki. A brand new band of upstarts and rejects that came to slaughter and clash with every damned sham this side of chelsea - ya better dial 999.
Shock Nagasaki. A group of lads completely in tune with the elements that define Punk Rock 'N' Roll: the spirit, the attitude, the urgency. Friction and contradiction. Kamikaze style. Catchy numbers with more hooks than a tackle box. If the Zero Boys and The Beach Boys got together over at W.C. Fields place, it might sound a little somethin' like this. So batten down the hatches and pogo till ya puke.

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