Stealers - Stealers LP (lim 300, 2 colours)

pressing info:
100x black
200x bloodred with heavy black and white splatter
10x testpressing

The Rotterdam underground anti-heros debut album! An urban mix of rock, rock 'n' roll, glam, punk and oi! topped off with that typical Rotterdam edge of danger. featering members of Razorblade, Cenobites and Agro-Culture (r.i.p.). For fans of Slade, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Templars. It's been a while since we heard such a convincing and high quality debut album!

1. Pretty City
2. Life I'm Living
3. Hey
4. Slow Me Down
5. Solfor Rain
6. 2 Times
7. Daddy
8. Jezebel
9. Piece Of The Action
10. Timewaster

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