Still Defiant - s/t LP (lim 500, splatter vinyl, euro sleeve, download code)

Our favorite demo-cassette of 2019 was undoubtedly STILL DEFIANT’s five-track debut for Oi! The Nische Records! Five mad and mental rockers from Niedersachsen (Germany) that were loved even more when the band released those scorchers on a single-sided, ultra-limited (106 copies total) 12” EP through their own Usque Ad Mortem label…

Now that demo, as well as 2020’s smashing debut EP “Till The End”, 2 brandnew tracks(!!!) and a BLITZ cover are combined, yet re-arranged and totally remastered (maximum power!) for STILL DEFIANT’s first LP release for REBELLION RECORDS – a crackin’ first LP indeed!

With ten tracks total this self-titled slab of wax is a must for those who like their 70’s & 80’s punk rock rebellious, raucous and working class, brought to you smart, hard and with style! STILL DEFIANT are short haired rockers and short haired rockers rule, OK? OK! Now make sure to get your pre-order in, because these will fly out of our HQ in no-time!

150x black vinyl and red jacket (USA)
350x clear vinyl with black splatter and b/w jacket (EU)

Side A:
01. Mad & Mental
02. Shame On You
03. Fatigue
04. Your Day Will Come
05. Total Surviolence
Side B:
06. Till The End
07. Young Warrior
08. For You
09. S.H.R. Rule OK
10. Go Your Way

Lenz Ranzig: Vox/Guitar
Matze Bigfender: Bass
Nikki Sick: Drums

Youtube song:

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