Strongarm And The Bullies - You Had It Coming LP ULTIMATE EDITION (lim 500, 2 clrs)

The powerhouse from Southern California is back! STRONGARM AND THE BULLIES are pre-paring the launch of their long overdue 2nd full-length album later on in 2023. Reason enough for Rebellion Records to put out an ultimate edition vinyl re-issue for the STRONGARM AND THE BULLIES – YOU HAD IT COMING album. Originally released in 2005 on Rebellion Records, now available as a very special version with renewd artwork, 2 bonus tracks, extensive liner notes and previously unpublished pictures. The whole record is re-mastered for vinyl as well. Get hooked on the infectious street rock ‘n’ roll sound from Southern California and get blown away by the outstanding powerhouse vocals of Erick Barnes (currently singing for Live By The Sword).

250x Black vinyl
250x Gold vinyl
Upgraded jacket stock, reverse board finish, black flood inside, double sided insert
2 bonus tracks, remastered for vinyl, liner notes and renewd artwork

A1 Back On Top
A2 A Toast
A3 Tonight
A4 Honor Among Outcasts
A5 Stand Up
A6 That Kind Of Courage
A7 Reflection
B1 Gone
B2 On All Sides
B3 Callused
B4 Down
B5 Realistic
B6 The Reserves

Bonus Tracks:
B7 Don't Take Your Guns To Town
B8 Life Down Beer

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