Sweet FA - Mission accomplished CD (lim 300) D2 series #047

The band already impressed with last year's digital-demo and this year's pre-album-promo-cassette "Live By The Sword", but with "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" SWEET FA really puts in the boot! Loud. proud and in your f#ckin' face, Philadelphia's angels with dirty faces delivered one of the rawest and hardest skinhead rock 'n' roll albums you will ever hear! An absolute must-have!

Featuring members of: Knucklehead, Thunder And Glory, Legion 76.

100% American, 100% skinhead, 100% ROCK!

1 Mission Accomplished
2 American Skinhead Pride
3 Forth To War
4 Cold War
5 Paths To Glory
6 1000 Yard Stare
7 Nobody's Fool
8 Anti Religion
9 Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti An...
10 Anti World
11 Thursday Night
12 Dark Ages
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