Tech 9 - Scars on the inside LP (lim 300, 2 clrs)

TECH 9 are without a doubt one of the pioneers of the Dutch “streetcore” scene. Mixing elements of Oi! and streetpunk with the rage of European hardcore, often called “eurocore”, TECH 9 delivered some amazing, but above all, furious records in their days. Unfortunately only their last ever album, “Bite The Bullet”, got released on vinyl, but at Strength Records we are changing things around here with the introduction of a new series, the “Dutch Hardcore Classics” top vinyl collection series! And what better way to start this series with releasing TECH 9’s classic first album “SCARS ON THE INSIDE” (1996) for the first time on vinyl, ever!

Every kid, skin, punk or hardcore, that’s been into this music since the mid 90’s knows TECH 9’s anthem “Survival”, the opening track of this album, whether it be from the original CD on Lost & Found Records, Rebellion Records’ CD reissue in 2011 or the mighty “European Hardcore – The Way It Is” compilation. But “SCARS ON THE INSIDE” offers eleven more tracks filled with anger, rage, aggravation and rage from rock city Eindhoven’s streets! This is the album that is scarred in our minds for almost two decades already and we are proud to finally offer it to the world on vinyl!

200 copies, black vinyl
100 copies, orange vinyl (180 grams)
17 testpressings, white label, black vinyl

Side A
01. Survival
02. Game Called Life
03. Lies
04. Respect
05. Face Up
06. Braindead

Side B
07. Warfare
08. Hatebox
09. Under The Gun
10. Trust & freedom
11. At The Edge
12. Can’t Bring Me Down
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