Top Dog - Razor reg 7" EP (lim 300)

300 copies pressed worldwide. Only 135 copies avialable for europe thru REBELLION and 135 copies for the USA (thru LONGSHOT)

Classic, raw and gritty British Oi!... just the way we like it and just as TOP DOG provides! Ever since we heard (and released) their debut EP “Welcome To My World” (2015) we have been a fan of these top geezers, with last years’ full-length being the cherry on top of it all. But there is plenty of more of where that came from, because the lads are already at it with yet another EP! “RAZOR REG” brings you four more, rough and ready, scorchers of 80’s authenticity bands like The Business, The 4-Skins and The Last Resort had a patent on. Real boot boy power and no gimmicks needed, this is Top Dog’s turf!

300 copies, black vinyl

A1 Razor Reg
A2 Our Turf
B1 The Riff Raff
B2 Fear No Foe

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