Top Dog - s/t LP (2ND PRESS, lim 300, clear vinyl)

From the dreary streets of Cumbria, UK hails TOP DOG, a rough 'n ready four piece who already gained experience in various outfits such as Distortion and The Scabs. Last year these top dogs already put in the boot with their four-track debut EP for Rebellion Records and now the Carlisle boys are back with a cracking full-length!

Like the "Welcome To My World" 7", TOP DOG's self-titled full-length, or untitled if that is what you prefer, contains yet another dose of raw, ultra-violent Oi! and streetpunk! The CD kicks off with the four tracks from the aforementioned EP, making you ready to ruck and have a go at it with the nine remaining scorchers that sound rough, brutal and 100% British! Just the way we like it!

300x Black

300x Ultra-clear vinyl

A1. Welcome To My World
A2. Botchergate
A3. Violence
A4. Clockwork Warrior
A5. Were You A Bootboy
A7. 69 Stitches
B1. Carve Her Name With Pride
B2. Real Heroes
B3. Like Father Like Son
B4. House Of Pain
B5. Monster
B6. Shoot To Kill

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