Trade, The - s/t 7" (lim 300, 2 clrs)

What do you get when Lliam (Priorities, Close Combat), Tom (Hard Wax, Hostile Minds) and Ronny (The Reapers, Daydrinker) team up? Well, a lot of logistical problems - that’s for sure, but also a modern day super group in the form of The Trade!

The idea for The Trade dates back to 2019 already, got shaped over the past two years and the result – a two-track debut single for Rebellion Records – is simply amazing! Delivering a well-thought out, catchy mix of melodic streetpunk and hard stompin’ bovver rock, the Greek-Dutch-British formation hits it out of the park with this self-titled 45, making sure you want to keep on spinning it over and over again!

100x white vinyl
200x black vinyl

Side A:
01. All Grown Up
Side B:
02. The Chosen Few
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