v/a - Oi! Ain't Dead vol. 4 2x10" (lim 500) (last ones!)

The best ‘Oi! Ain’t Dead’ in the series so far? It’s undecided really, because our humble opinion is that every single one of them is superb! But if one thing is for sure, is that this is definitely the hardest, most violent volume to date! Welcome to “Oi! Ain’t Dead Volume 4 – This Is Brickwall Oi!”!

For this edition we picked four of the most tough as nails bands from our roster with each band recording three brand new, unreleased tracks for a grand total of twelve hard hitting Oi! anthems spread over two 10” inch records (500 copies only!) and directly available on CD as well!

If you are familiar with our roster you might have guessed the bands to appear on “Oi! Ain’t Dead Volume 4 – This Is Brickwall Oi!” already. But if you haven’t I proudly introduce to you CONCRETE (USA), RAZORBLADE (Holland), PLAN OF ATTACK (Australia) and IRON CITY HOOLIGANS (USA), the absolute cream of the crop when it comes down to vicious, mean, brickwall Oi! music!

“Oi! Ain’t Dead Volume 4 – This Is Brickwall Oi!” features some of RAZORBLADE’s last work and it’s without a doubt their best work ever!
CONCRETE is featured with a superb cover of Belgium’s premier ’77 punk-rock band The Kids’ “This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll”, ‘elite’ style!
PLAN OF ATTACK’s “Here For A Good Time, Not For A Long Time” is the band’s amazing tribute song to the late Colin Riot, stunning!
IRON CITY HOOLIGANS eat iron for breakfast, lunch and dinner and pump out three of their heaviest tracks to date, killer!

Pressing info
400x double 10", black vinyl
100x double 10", ultra clear vinyl
20x double 10" testpressing on yellow and gold

1. CONCRETE - Strike The Rat Down
2. CONCRETE - Crane City
3. CONCRETE - This Is Rock 'n' Roll (The Kids)
4. RAZORBLADE - Thunder
5. RAZORBLADE - With Maltese Cross Flags Unfurled
7. PLAN OF ATTACK - Here For A Good Time...
8. PLAN OF ATTACK - Hellbent And Hellbound
9. PLAN OF ATACK - Riot Squad (Cock Sparrer)
10. IRON CITY HOOLIGANS - Another Streetfight
11. IRON CITY HOOLIGANS - Murder Of Self Defense
12. IRON CITY HOOLIGANS - Rivers Of Steel

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