v/a - Oi! Ain't Dead vol. 8 - Chaos In Nederland CD (lim 500, 20 page booklet)

“Oi! Ain’t Dead” ain’t dead! Five years after the last volume it’s time for another round of hard-hitting Oi! with the eight (EIGHT!) installment in the strong compilation series brought to you by Rebellion Records!

The latest installment is a full-blown, 19-track compilation album brought to you by 16 bands from The Netherlands! Featuring a ton of new bands and Rebellion favorites. Instead of the same old established names “Oi! Ain’t Dead – Chaos In Nederland is a showcase of fresh, new and active bands (with a lot of familiar faces) that are currently ruling the dutch scene.
All tracks are new recordings and 100% exclusive for the compilation at the time of release!
After “Brabantia Nostra” and the two “Oi! Made In Holland” compilations, Rebellion Records delivers yet another strong ‘scene report’ to let you know that even in The Netherlands Oi! ain’t dead!

500x CD
Super Jewel Box, 20 page booklet

1 On The Rampage - Breaking Free
2 Diamond Dogs - City Boy
3 The Young Ones - Dutch But Not From Holland
4 The Reapers - Brave New World
5 Live By the Sword - March Or Die (demo 2023)
6 Bullbar - Safe For Tourists
7 Bullbar - Liquor Store
8 Bent Out Of Shape - Fan Bûgjen Frjemd
9 Bent Out Of Shape - Sound Of Sirens
10 One Voice - Cheers To You
11 Stealers - Mean Man
12 Armistice – You Decide
13 Day Drinker - We All Must Die
14 City Riot - A Way Of Life
15 City Riot - Oi! At The Pub
16 Complaint - Noone Likes Us
17 Malad - Dode Democratie
18 Subrockers – Too Fast
19 Shortcuts -Wasted Life
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