Vanity - Vain in life CD (lim 500)

NYC's VANITY is the two-men street rockin' and curb stompin' project between Colman Durkee (CREEM, Nuclear Spring, Natural Law) and Evan Radigan (The Rival Mob, Raw Meat, Wolf Whistle) that surprised friend and foe with their smashin' debut album "Vain In Life" last year for Katorga Works on LP!

REBELLION RECORDS now proudly presents the CD version of this monstrous proto-punk influenced, Chiswick flirtin', born in '77 streetrock album! We included four bonus tracks, recorded for an unreleased promo cassette, to the album that are raw and dirty versions of album tracks such as "Might Trumps Thought" and "Fuck Right Off"!

01 Can't Be Bothered
02 Bit 'N' Turned Rabid
03 Might Trumps Thought
04 Martin Luther
05 You Don't Know?
06 Off Ya Go
07 Got No Bite
08 Bal Des Ardents
09 Fuck Right Off
10 Face It
11 The King Drinks
12 New York City
13. Might Trumps Thought (demo)
14. Bit'n Turned Rabid (demo)
15. You Don't Know? (demo)
16. Fuck Right Off (demo)

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