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Rebellion Records (NL) serving the scene since 2001. (In)famous for releasing high quality Oi! and Streetpunk bands from all around the world both household names as new and upcoming bands. Besides the label releases also offers a large selection of items from other record labels and producers around the world specialised in Oi!, Punk, Streetpunk, Punkrock, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Hardcore, Rock, Metal and associated genres. Rebellion Records is part of DME Distribution. Fast shipping and safe packaging worldwide! Orders ship from our warehouse in The Netherlands. We ship worldwide except to Africa, The Middle East and some countries in Asia, South and Central America.

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  • Discipline - Stake your claim LP (lim 1500, 4 clrs)

    Eleven years(!) after the band's last effort, "Downfall Of The Working Man", the hooligans from Lighttown Eindhoven, the almighty DISCIPLINE, are back! Fronted by Merijn Verhees (ex-Banner Of Thugs, The Young Ones, Sparrow Falls), the red and white army has returned to bring you "STAKE YOUR CLAIM". Not a simple single to 'warm things up', no(!), a full, brand new, 12 track assault, ready to claim back their title as the undisputed kings of the European streetrock scene! CD comes with 16 page booklet with lyrics and pictures. PRESSING INFO: 500x Black 600x Red 300x White 100x Ultra clear 40x Testpressing (Sleeved up) Comes in gatefold sleeve with deluxe matt lamination TRACKLIST: 01. My Time Will Come 02. We Can’t Be Beaten 03. All The World’s To Blame 04. Show Us The Ropes 05. King Mouth 06. The New Bovver Boys 07. Sad Disgrace 08. Get Me Outta Here 09. Troublemaker 10. Stake Your Claim 11. Your Generation (Generation X cover) 12. We Rule The Pub Now Learn More

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  • Lion's Law - From the storm LP (Blue/black 2017, lim 1000)

    Record label promo text: The bar is set high. Really high, 'cos the bands debut "A Day Will Come" back in 2013 was one of the best received Oi! records of the last couple of years. The 2015 Mini-LP "Open Your Eyes" brought the band to an even higher level, so everyone should be excited what the Paris Bootboys will deliver next: From the beginning they take no prisoners and make clear what we have to expect on "From the Storm": "The Sons of Oi! are here to stay.." smashes all concerns and fears that the Band will ship into safe waters or will develop their sound into boring mass compatible "Streetpunk". Hit after Hit, just listening to "Liar" or "Otherwise" make me want to kick someone's ass, the whole album is pure madness, no moment of boredom here! 14 aggressive and melodic, let's say typical LION'S LAW hooligan battle hymns awaiting the listener - LION'S LAW developed their sound to an own trademark. TRACKLIST: A1 Sons Of Oi! A2 Otherwise A3 Last Train Home A4 A Thousand Eyes A5 Give Back The Glory A6 Trapped A7 Way Of Life B1 Interlude B2 Liar B3 My Mistakes B4 The Choice B5 Under The Earth B6 From The Storm B7 With The Wolves Learn More

  • Bishops Green - s/t 12" 5th press (green splatter, 180 gram, lim 500)

    5th PRESSING INFO: 500x black, 180 gram, stickered polybag EU version 500x green splatter USA version including printed innersleeve and download card The Vancouver based street punk band, Bishops Green was formed in spring of 2011. The group is comprised of four friends who hold a wide variety of musical influences and tastes. Energetic and charismatic frontman Greg Huff leads the charge on vocals. Guitar duties are managed by Scott Farquarson and the rhythm section consists of Bryan McCallum on bass and Orville Lancaster on drums and backup vocals. Their melodic style of old-school punk draw creative influences from European groups like Blitz, The Clash, The Stiff Little Fingers, Cock Sparrer, the Partisans and LeatherFace; to hardcore acts from the U.S. like the Authorities, Naked Raygun and Minor Threat. Not to mention the noticeable connection between Bishops Green to bands like Alternate Action, the Subway Thugs and the Lancasters, all former bands of lead singer Huff… Bishops Green’s music is raw and energetic with a style firmly embedded in the historic roots of Streetpunk and Oi!. All of the members of Bishops Green have been playing in bands together since the ’90s and this history combined with the groups ability to draw from different punk genres, enables the creation of a catchy sing-along sound that will make sure that any audience feels like they are part of the show! TRACK LISTING: Side A: 1. Tumbling Down 2. Blinded 3. Senseless Crime Side B: 4. Alone 5. Stay Away 6. The Crow Learn More

  • Bishops Green - A chance to change CD

    This item is a PRE-ORDER. Order now and we ship it on the 10th of april Packed shows, sold out tours, both their six-track debut 12" and debut full-length "Pressure" get re-press after re-press... does BISHOPS GREEN really need any further introduction? I don't think so either, but we at REBELLION RECORDS sure as hell are damn proud to present you guys the brand new sophomore album by Canada's leading street punk band entitled "A CHANCE TO CHANGE"! With this album the band found a bridge between their raw and powerful debut EP, the passionate and resistful "Pressure" LP and their wild and rowdy live shows capturing it all on "A Chance To Change" with eleven songs on the vinyl version and twelve tracks on the CD version (as you will find below)! So what are you still waiting for?! Official LP pre-order starts on the 1st of may TRACKLIST CD: 1. Lost Generation 2. Specter 3. We Got Nothing 4. Resistance 5. Government Lies 6. Dead and Gone 7. Caged 8. Defiance 9. Ship To Shore 10. Invisible 11. Can't Walk Away 12. Soldier Learn More

  • Live By The Sword - L.B.T.S. / Soldiers 7" (lim 500)

    Pressing info: 500x Black Extra heavy 70 gr vinyl and extra heavy 350 gsm jacket Learn More

  • Crown Court - The English disease 7" EP 2ND PRESS (Lim 500, clear)

    2ND PRESS INFO: 500x ultra clear vinyl The CROWN COURT invasion continues as we are proud to present the band’s brand new single “THE ENGLISH DISEASE” for REBELLION RECORDS! Although still a very young band, these guys know how to ‘ruck and roll’ and come out swingin’ while bottles are flyin’ with another three bootboy anthems for the sick and diseased! Since the original pressing of the band’s debut EP “RUCK AND ROLL” (300 copies, re-press coming soon) flew out of REBELLION RECORDS’ HQ we made sure to press 700 copies of CROWN COURT’s latest, just to make sure “THE ENGLISH DISEASE” will spread worldwide! An absolute killer release from these London troublemakers! TRACKLIST: Side A 01. No Paradise 02. Jack Jones Side B 03. We Made You Learn More

  • Live By The Sword - Pillaged hinterland 7" (lim 500)

    Second 7” single of the Dutch – American connection LIVE BY THE SWORD! Again two hard rockin’ scorchers from the lads that brought (or still bring) you Strongarm And The Bullies, Razorblade, SubRockers, Cornered and many others on their smashing sophomore EP “PILLAGED HINTERLAND”! Just like the first single, this 7” is pressed on 70 grams vinyl and comes in an extra thick, 350 grams, sleeve! PRESSING INFO: 500x Black Vinyl TRACKLIST: Side A Pillaged Hinterland Side B Emergency Learn More

  • Hard Evidence - s/t CD (lim 300) D2 serie #038

    Without a doubt one of the most anticipated streetpunk records of the year is the self-titled, full-length debut LP by HARD EVIDENCE! After the magnificent "Last One Standing" 12" and their crackin' split 7" with The Butcher Boys, on the verge of breaking up things got quiet around the St. Louis casuals, luckily the radio silence now gets broken with ten blisterning new tracks, sounding stronger and more melodic than ever before! Comes on CD through Rebellion Records and on LP in a joint release with our friends at Longshot Music! 1. Yesterday's News 2. Dirty Town 3. Strange Ways 4. Drums of War 5. It Won't Be Long 6. Draw the Line 7. Electric Shock 8. Some Day 9. Some Promised Land 10. City's Burning Learn More

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