DDC - Unite & conquer CD (lim 500)

The powerhouse from Atlanta has returned! Two years after their last work, the superb split 10” with Assault & Battery (“Assault & Destroy, RR114), your favorite crew to drink and destroy with – DDC – is back for another round of destruction and mayhem with their full-length debut album “UNITE & CONQUER”!

With the return of frontman Shane, DDC is back as a full force, easily delivering their best work to date! The production on “UNITE & CONQUER” is amazing, bound to blast you of your feet! Of course the magnificent songs, the full-blown sing-along choruses and catchy guitarwork do their part as well, making DDC that ultra-melodic powerhouse fans of bands such as Legion ’76 and The Hardknocks will love! Brilliant!

500 copies, jewelcase

01 Call To Arms
02 Comply Or Die
03 Feast For Vultures
04 (We Are) United
05 Stand & Fight
06 Spirit Of ‘76
07 Revolution
08 Days Of Glory – Warriors (Razorblade)
09 We The People (featuring Ryan Cadaver)
10 (We Are) United (FC Version)

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